Rame Katrib, B.A., J.D.

Rame Katrib is a valued and experienced lawyer and Rame has successfully argued cases in all levels of court including Provincial Courts, Court of Queens Bench, and Courts of Appeal. Prior to joining Invictus LLP, Mr. Katrib spent his early years in Law with the prominent firm, Foster Iovinelli and Beyak, before setting up as a Sole Practitioner. He practices in both Criminal and Family Law. Born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, Mr. Katrib moved to Calgary in his late teens where he earned both his undergraduate degree and Juris Doctor law degree from the University of Calgary. Mr. Katrib is fluent in English and Arabic. It is important to him that every client’s voice is heard, and their freedoms and interests are protected. He is passionate about providing representation that fits the client’s needs and circumstances. As a successful lawyer, he has devoted his career to defending the constitutional rights and civil liberties of clients all over Alberta, Saskatchewan, and even appearing in the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal.

Calgary Criminal Defence Lawyer

Mr. Katrib has successfully defended his clients against all types of charges, including Murder, Sexual Assault, Terrorism, Domestic Violence, Drug Offenses, Traffic matters, Bylaw, and other various Criminal Code offenses.

He has successfully argued cases involving a variety of issues, including self- defense, impaired driving, warrantless searches, search warrants, wiretaps, excessive force by police, and other Charter challenges. Mr. Katrib has also assisted his clients with both simple and complex Family Law matters such as Divorce, Separation Agreements, Child Custody, Child/Spousal Support, Settlement, and more. Since being called to the bar, Mr. Katrib has developed exceptional trial skills. With his knowledge, experience, and commitment, he comes well prepared for any legal matter and works with the client to achieve the best result. To set up a free consultation with Rame, call us at (403) 918-9020 or click here to send us an Email. Rame looks forward to working with you.