Rame Katrib is a well-seasoned lawyer with comprehensive experience working in the area of family law.

Family law matters are deeply personal and unique to every family. Rame understands the sensitivity and complexity of family life and all that comes with it. That is why he aims to deliver both unparalleled advice and advocacy tailored to each client’s specific needs.

Within his practice Rame accepts only a limited number of family law files in order to provide his full attention to each and every matter. Generally, the files he takes on are highly contentious and require litigation. For instance, Rame has in-depth experience in running Emergency Protection Order (EPO) hearings and has been met

Overall, Rame is solution focused and is committed to negotiating to arrive at a place which allow clients to feel secure in moving forward.



Divorce Lawyer Calgary

Family Law Services

    • Divorce

    Divorce is a decision to no longer be legally married. The decision to file for divorce is an incredibly difficult step in the process of ending a marriage and beginning to live life independently. Since every family situation is unique, how a divorce becomes finalized depends on the particular circumstances and desired outcome.

    Whether the decision to end the relationship is amicable or involves disputes requiring litigation, Rame is prepared for every possible situation in order to successfully represent and work with his clients every step of the way.

    • Separation agreements

    Some couples may not be ready to officially end their marriage but may want to begin living apart. In this case, a legal separation may be the best option. This can be either a temporary or permanent solution, as one of the usual grounds for divorce is that the couple has been living separate or apart for at least one year.

    A formal written separation agreement helps couples come to an arrangement regarding living situations, division of property, childcare, and maintaining a standard of living that fits their current needs and lifestyle.

    Separation agreements can also serve a number of purposes and meet different unique and personal needs. For example, a separation agreement can assist couples who may not wish to divorce for religious reasons or want their interests to be protected while they attempt to reconcile marital issues or finalize their divorce.

    • Settlement Agreements

    A settlement agreement is a crucial element of a divorce or separation. It outlines the terms and conditions for how a couple will be moving forward and what their future will look like. An effective agreement should address all aspects of life including property, children, financial compensation, and other factors that may be unique to the particular circumstances.

    Once signed, the settlement agreement becomes a binding contract that both spouses/partners must follow and adhere to. These agreements can be overly complex, intricate, and require special attention to detail in drafting and specific wording to ensure you are fully protected and understand exactly what it means for you and your future going forward.

    Rame understands the importance of achieving a stable and firm foundation for the future. The goal is to come to an agreement that allows you to feel prepared emotionally, mentally, and financially to build a strong and healthy life for yourself and your family after divorce. He will listen and work diligently with you to tailor a divorce settlement agreement to reflect your wishes and perspective without leaving out any important details.

    If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, Rame is prepared to go to court in order to advocate for what you are entitled to – a fair outcome that provides you with adequate protection and the financial resources which you deserve, both in the present and in the future.

    • Property and Asset Division

    When a couple decides to divorce or separate, they need to decide who should get what. These items can include bank accounts, investments, pensions, real and personal property, and even beloved pets. This can be a challenging and unexpectedly chaotic experience, as you may have acquired property and assets before or after your relationship began.

    When it comes to property and asset division, it is essential you are informed of all the financial consequences and implications which are involved. For example, any outstanding debts such as loans or credit cards, or investments, and future pension benefits, may be factored into the division of assets.

    Rame is here to help throughout this process with a focus on what is important and valuable to you. Whether significant monetary or merely sentimental value, you should receive the full share of the property and assets to which you are entitled. Therefore, he is committed to going the absolute distance in order for his clients to feel satisfied and fulfilled in getting all they deserve. This includes going to court to ensure your voice is heard.

    • Spousal Support

    Spousal Support is an amount of financial support that one spouse pays the other after their separation or divorce. This is paid to the more financially dependent spouse to account for any loss of income as a result of the separation. For example, this may be because one spouse decided to forego their career in order to provide care for the children.

    A variety of factors are considered when determining the amount and length of spousal maintenance payments. Many want their divorce to be over as quickly as possible. As a result, important considerations may be missed due to undue stress and focus on only the current situation.

    Rame’s priority is to help clients see the big picture, considering all future possibilities when it comes to securing their ultimate future. In dealing with ongoing maintenance payments to you or to your ex-spouse, he can help you prepare for life after divorce in a way that best fits your expectations and needs going forward.

    • Emergency Protection Orders (EPO)

    Emergency Protection Orders are designed to protect individuals in situations of family violence. Typically, this requires some sort of proof of threats or violence in order to apply for an EPO to be put in place.

    Once the EPO is granted it prevents your family member from contacting you and any other family members. This includes your family member not being allowed to come to your place of residence or work.

    These kinds of situations require immense sensitivity and the ability to navigate the police and court process. Rame has comprehensive experience dealing with EPOs on both sides. Often EPOs can be resolved with a mutual no-contact order, which is beneficial to both parties. Protecting yourself and your family is always top of Rame’s mind.

    • Child Related Issues

    Children often become the center of many family legal issues. When a family includes children there are many things to consider, some of which may not be initially obvious and clear. For example, decisions on where the children will live, who will pay for their necessities, whether custody of the children will be sole or joint, and what type of upbringing will the children have, etc. will have to be made. The process of dividing your family can often feel conflicting and take an emotional toll on both you and your children.

    That is why Rame operates his practice with compassion. In addition to protecting your parental rights, he understands the importance of ensuring your children have the best possible future. As the process of divorce unfolds, his top priority is to make sure your children feel safe, comfortable, and do not experience any unnecessary trauma.

    • Custody and Access

    Child Custody relates to the child’s living arrangements and establishes which parent takes on the responsibility and makes decisions about the children’s day-to-day life and future. This can be a critical factor in preserving your relationship and maintaining the important bond with your child.

    There are many types of custody: physical, legal, joint, and temporary. Physical custody determines which household the child will reside. Legal custody encompasses the right to make decisions regarding the child’s lifestyle and well-being, for example, their education, religion, and so on. Joint custody addresses whether there will be a shared responsibility in the child’s upbringing and other important choices. Temporary custody deals with the care of children in the interim while the divorce is being finalized or in emergency situations.

    Developing a meaningful and healthy relationship with your children is an important part of your life as a parent. Every family has unique circumstances and different desired parenting arrangements. Rame always works hard to facilitate an arrangement that best fits you and your children’s needs.

    If you and your ex-spouse are unable to come to an agreement that you are satisfied with, he is prepared to take the matter to court and make strong arguments for both your rights and interests as a parent, for the ultimate benefit of your child.

    Every parent deserves to be an important and influential part of their children’s life. Even if you do not have custody of your children, there is also a range of possibilities when it comes to both access and visitation. Rame can help you take action to attain the involvement in your children’s life that you want and deserve.

    He can also assist with modification and changes to existing custody or visitation arrangements.

    • Child Support
    Child support is a sum of money that is paid by one parent to the other to provide the needed support in order to care for the children.

    Adequate support is an essential element to ensuring your children’s well-being is secured and maintained. Rame understands that you require the necessary means to meet your own personal needs as well. He will advocate for a fair amount of support you pay or receive which meets the needs of both you and your children.

    Child support is determined based on a formula that is created by the government. The amount of financial support to be paid is determined by a number of factors including the exact custody arrangement between parents, the paying parent’s income, the number of children, and the paying parent’s ability to pay. This process can be complicated and frustrating, it is important you receive honest and experienced advice in order to set realistic expectations.

    Rame can help you take the necessary steps to protect the long-term interests of your family and support you and your child for years to come. Rame can also assist you in the modification and enforcement of child support payments and arrangements.

    Failing to pay child support has serious consequences. For example, a court order garnishing your wages may be sought or you may be prevented from renewing your driver’s license or passport. Rame works with you to negotiate arrangements with government authorities to avoid these consequences.

    If you are unable to make your child support payment obligations for any reason, for example, due to a loss of income or unexpected expenses, there are legal steps that can be taken in order to address these issues and reduce or erase outstanding arrears.

    • Contracts & Agreements

    Modern families come in all shapes and sizes and everyone deserves both the comfort and protection of their best interests. Having an agreement or contract with your partner in place can help put your mind at ease and should not be seen as a negative part of your relationship. Rather, designing a well-thought-out and honest agreement between you and your partner simply means that as a couple you will both be prepared for any possible scenario.

    Regardless of your particular situation or needs Rame is committed to working hard with you to help you reach an agreement that you are satisfied with and allows you to focus on what matters most, building a strong, healthy, long-lasting and successful relationship with your loved one.

    • Marriage Contracts

    Getting married is an exciting event and marks the merger of you and your partner’s lives together. In building a strong life-long partnership it is important for each partner to feel secure, valued, and that their needs and wants are understood and met. Many couples are now considering both prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. The main difference between these two agreements is simply the date of creation, one is created prior to marriage and the other is created after marriage.

    These agreements help you set out marital ground rules and allow you to address an array of aspects in your relationship. There are important elements you want to control. For example, securing protection over your assets is crucial, if your marriage ends by divorce or death. Another consideration is there may be children from a previous marriage.

    • Cohabitation Agreements

    Cohabitation Agreements are legal agreements between two people who are in an ‘interdependent adult relationship’, otherwise known as a common-law relationship. A Cohabitation Agreement allows you and your partner to determine all the rights and obligations you each have and establish the terms and conditions if you decide to end your relationship later on.

    For instance, whether you have just bought your first home or have been living together for quite some time and have shared assets or children together, a Cohabitation Agreement is an important consideration for all couples in a common-law relationship, in order to avoid an unfair division of assets if the relationship ends.

    This allows both partners to feel protected so you can focus on living your life happily together now, instead of worrying about running into any potential future legal problems or complications.

    Rame can assist you in successfully negotiating, drafting, and finalizing a Cohabitation Agreement that clearly and holistically addresses all possibilities going forward in a fair and diplomatic matter. He can help you establish a basis for security and ensure that your interests are adequately represented and protected in case of a relationship breakdown.

Rame is always dedicated to continuing to help you navigate the Family Law process. If you have any questions, are considering a separation or divorce, or are displeased with a current custody or support arrangement, do not hesitate to reach out.

Contact Rame today to discuss any and all Family Law matters.