Cohabitation Agreements

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Cohabitation Agreements are legal agreements between two people who are in an ‘interdependent adult relationship’, otherwise known as a common-law relationship. A Cohabitation Agreement allows you and your partner to determine all the rights and obligations you each have and establish the terms and conditions if you decide to end your relationship later on.

For instance, whether you have just bought your first home or have been living together for quite some time and have shared assets or children together, a Cohabitation Agreement is an important consideration for all couples in a common-law relationship, in order to avoid an unfair division of assets if the relationship ends.

This allows both partners to feel protected so you can focus on living your life happily together now, instead of worrying about running into any potential future legal problems or complications.

Rame can assist you in successfully negotiating, drafting, and finalizing a Cohabitation Agreement that clearly and holistically addresses all possibilities going forward in a fair and diplomatic matter. He can help you establish a basis for security and ensure that your interests are adequately represented and protected in case of a relationship breakdown.