Bail Hearings

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Mr. Katrib has extensive experience in all matters relating to bail. For example, bail hearings for all offences, revocation hearings, bail reviews, and bail variations.

When a person has been arrested the police may decide to hold them in custody, especially if the person is facing serious charges. If the police decide to keep the person in custody, that person has the right to make an application for Judicial Interim Release (commonly called Bail), so they can remain out of jail pending their criminal charges being addressed.

Depending on the criminal charges being laid and the individual circumstances the Prosecutor may oppose the release of the individual. For example, if the charges are of a particular violent nature with a threat to society or the individual is a serial/repeat offender.

Overall, Mr. Katrib has been very successful in arguing for the release of his clients and negotiating fair conditions for release in the face of strong arguments from the Prosecution. He has also successfully negotiating the deletion of various bail conditions such as curfews. Mr. Katrib works to develop creative solutions for ensuring that bail conditions restrict his client’s livelihood as minimally as possible.

The liberty of his clients and the ability to remain out of jail while their criminal charges are dealt with is Mr Katrib’s top priority.