Custody and Access

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Child Custody relates to the child’s living arrangements and establishes which parent takes on the responsibility and makes decisions about the children’s day-to-day life and future. This can be a critical factor in preserving your relationship and maintaining the important bond with your child.

There are many types of custody: physical, legal, joint, and temporary. Physical custody determines which household the child will reside. Legal custody encompasses the right to make decisions regarding the child’s lifestyle and well-being, for example, their education, religion, and so on. Joint custody addresses whether there will be a shared responsibility in the child’s upbringing and other important choices. Temporary custody deals with the care of children in the interim while the divorce is being finalized or in emergency situations.

Developing a meaningful and healthy relationship with your children is an important part of your life as a parent. Every family has unique circumstances and different desired parenting arrangements. Rame always works hard to facilitate an arrangement that best fits you and your children’s needs.

If you and your ex-spouse are unable to come to an agreement that you are satisfied with, he is prepared to take the matter to court and make strong arguments for both your rights and interests as a parent, for the ultimate benefit of your child.

Every parent deserves to be an important and influential part of their children’s life. Even if you do not have custody of your children, there is also a range of possibilities when it comes to both access and visitation. Rame can help you take action to attain the involvement in your children’s life that you want and deserve.

He can also assist with modification and changes to existing custody or visitation arrangements.