Child Support

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Child support is a sum of money that is paid by one parent to the other to provide the needed support in order to care for the children.

Adequate support is an essential element to ensuring your children’s well-being is secured and maintained. Rame understands that you require the necessary means to meet your own personal needs as well. He will advocate for a fair amount of support you pay or receive which meets the needs of both you and your children.

Child support is determined based on a formula that is created by the government. The amount of financial support to be paid is determined by a number of factors including the exact custody arrangement between parents, the paying parent’s income, the number of children, and the paying parent’s ability to pay. This process can be complicated and frustrating, it is important you receive honest and experienced advice in order to set realistic expectations.

Rame can help you take the necessary steps to protect the long-term interests of your family and support you and your child for years to come. Rame can also assist you in the modification and enforcement of child support payments and arrangements.

Failing to pay child support has serious consequences. For example, a court order garnishing your wages may be sought or you may be prevented from renewing your driver’s license or passport. Rame works with you to negotiate arrangements with government authorities to avoid these consequences.

If you are unable to make your child support payment obligations for any reason, for example, due to a loss of income or unexpected expenses, there are legal steps that can be taken in order to address these issues and reduce or erase outstanding arrears.