Settlement Agreements

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A settlement agreement is a crucial element of a divorce or separation. It outlines the terms and conditions for how a couple will be moving forward and what their future will look like. An effective agreement should address all aspects of life including property, children, financial compensation, and other factors that may be unique to the particular circumstances.

Once signed, the settlement agreement becomes a binding contract that both spouses/partners must follow and adhere to. These agreements can be overly complex, intricate, and require special attention to detail in drafting and specific wording to ensure you are fully protected and understand exactly what it means for you and your future going forward.

Rame understands the importance of achieving a stable and firm foundation for the future. The goal is to come to an agreement that allows you to feel prepared emotionally, mentally, and financially to build a strong and healthy life for yourself and your family after divorce. He will listen and work diligently with you to tailor a divorce settlement agreement to reflect your wishes and perspective without leaving out any important details.

If a satisfactory agreement cannot be reached, Rame is prepared to go to court in order to advocate for what you are entitled to – a fair outcome that provides you with adequate protection and the financial resources which you deserve, both in the present and in the future.