Property and Asset Division

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When a couple decides to divorce or separate, they need to decide who should get what. These items can include bank accounts, investments, pensions, real and personal property, and even beloved pets. This can be a challenging and unexpectedly chaotic experience, as you may have acquired property and assets before or after your relationship began.

When it comes to property and asset division, it is essential you are informed of all the financial consequences and implications which are involved. For example, any outstanding debts such as loans or credit cards, or investments, and future pension benefits, may be factored into the division of assets.

Rame is here to help throughout this process with a focus on what is important and valuable to you. Whether significant monetary or merely sentimental value, you should receive the full share of the property and assets to which you are entitled. Therefore, he is committed to going the absolute distance in order for his clients to feel satisfied and fulfilled in getting all they deserve. This includes going to court to ensure your voice is heard.