Property Offences

Author: Katrib Law |


Property offences include a wide variety of situations, including theft, shoplifting, possession of stolen property, fraud, and robbery.

The allegations that follow from property offences are typically that an individual has taken damages, or possessed another person’s property without their permission.

In addition to receiving jail time and a criminal record, convictions for theft and robbery come with serious consequences such as employment and travel restrictions.

Mr. Katrib has been successful in defending all types of property offences. For instance, he has in-depth experience dealing with improper police searches, which result in a violation of the individual’s Charter rights. When Charter rights have been violated this leaves open an argument that the resulting evidence be throw out as evidence at trial.

One of the more serious of the property offences is robbery, as it is considered a violent offence. This is because robbery is carried out with a weapon and is accompanied by threats and/or acts of violence. As such, the Crown typically requests that an individual charged with robbery be detained pending trial. Mr. Katrib understands the importance of maintaining your liberty, so he works tirelessly to secure your release with fairly imposed bail conditions.