Drug Offences/Trafficking

Author: Katrib Law |


Many drug-related offences come with long term and serious consequences if you are convicted. Some drug offences include drug trafficking, drug possession, possession for the purpose of trafficking, drug importation, conspiracy to traffic, and drug production.

A successful defence against drug charges often includes Charter arguments. If evidence was obtained by the police improperly, an application under S.24(2) of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms may be made in order to exclude it in particular circumstances.

It is also possible that if a person’s Charter rights are infringed it may result in a stay of proceedings in limited contexts. A number of Mr. Katrib’s cases have resulted in a stay of proceedings. Additionally, a defence of entrapment may be available in some contexts. Entrapment involves a complex set of circumstances. Therefore, it is important to have an experienced lawyer with knowledge of the individual and Charter rights.

Mr. Katrib has in-depth knowledge of how the Charter operates in order to protect your rights and ensure that the justice system remains in check.