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An appeal is the process where the court’s decision may be reviewed by a higher authority where requested by the Crown or an Accused.

When a person is convicted or acquitted there is a possible ability that the court’s decision may be appealed depending on the particular circumstances. There are a number of reasons that can allow an accused to appeal their conviction or sentence. Reasons for an appeal may be due to an error of the Court, the Prosecutor, or your Defence Lawyer. For example, the judge who made the decision showed some kind of bias or the accused’s lawyer did not act competently.

An appeal must be filed within 30 days of the date of conviction. Filing an appeal requires expert knowledge of the appeal process and a precise attention to detail. When filing an appeal, you are only permitted to submit a limited amount of materials and there are various requirements that need to be satisfied in order to initiate the appeal. Therefore, it is essential to retain a lawyer to assist you.

Mr. Katrib is well versed in both oral, written argument, and the legal research skills required in order to be successful in this more nuanced area of the legal system.